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Social Marvels

We're doing something with social media and SEO, but we're not quite sure what the hell it is.

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Oct 2 '12

Social Media Foodies Brag About 3 Hour Wait Times

Social media foodies are getting ridiculous. The New York Post recently ran a story about a Thai restaurant that has such amazing chicken wings people are tweeting and bragging about waiting three hours in line for them. For those interested the restaurant is Pok Pok and it’s located in Brooklyn near the waterfront. Here’s an excerpt with the facts, They were the lucky ones. Wu’s crew got inside the cult restaurant’s doors in the first wave. The less prepared? They were left with wait times Read More


Jul 30 '12

Send Social Media Surprises with Wrapp – a Facebook Gift Card App

How Wrapp isn’t on everyone’s Facebook wall still surprises me considering after I tell you what is capable of Wrapp you’ll most likely be posting immediately. Wrapp is a mobile application that uses Facebook connect to let you send gift cards from your favorite stores via social media. And it is free. There are some stores that require you to purchase credit, but these amounts are somewhere around $25. That said, the free $5 gift cards for Gap, Sephora, Brooklyn Industries, and other premiere Read More